The Steirerhut Restaurant is located in one of the oldest buildings from Sundridge.

It was lumber that attracted the first pioneers to Sundridge. In fact, the first business was a sawmill. James Dunbar, who arrived in 1876, is considered the founder of our village. Bob Dunbar, who today, is the Castle's next-door neighbour, is a descendant of that very James.

William Anderson, another pioneer, had a new home built for his wife and family on his property in


1882 (or 1884, depending on who is remembering). Sundridge still has Albert, John and Edward Streets named after the Anderson sons. Much later, (1935), the home became the Castle Inn where Eva Sullivan (nee Dunbar) cooked wonderful meals and rented out three rooms upstairs.

The Gregg family bought the Castle in 1982.

At the time, it was again a home, but soon converted once more into a restaurant. The additions were done since that time.

As you sit in the front dining room, picture it as a bedroom, with a small adjoining bathroom, including a three-foot claw bathtub. The central room was the dining room. The wall was opened between the two rooms to form the present dining area. The original staircase was restored and the old brass light fixture remains in the front hall.

Though the original brick still existed, there was some crumbling, hence the present siding and roof. However, the windows and turret still give us the "Castle" aura.

Customer seem to like our "old house" atmosphere but our favourite story is about "Gladys the Ghost". People who have lived in older homes realize that a normal characteristic is all of the creaks, cracks and settlings that are an integral part of a 100-year-old building, however well constructed. At first, these "house-murmurs" played havoc with our imaginations. We felt moved to run upstairs to look for the source of footsteps, or supposed stirrings in the attic. When we grasped the truth of sounds, we jokingly attributed them to our resident ghost, who was dubbed "Gladys"

Nevertheless, some recent information from a descendant of the Anderson family, gave us real shivers. We are told that her father, Earle Anderson, lived in this house as a child. In 1898, his 17-month-old sister died here from the effects of an injury caused by a fall. Her name was ..... Gladys!!! Whether or not our Gladys is a real ghost, we have always though that her spirit is a friendly one.

In 2003,the Eska family, immigrants from Austria/Europe, rented the Castle and created the Steirerhut Restaurant in February 2004

So do relax an enjoy your visit to the Steirerhut Restaurant, located in The Castle

Story written by Ken Lindsay©, Sundridge