We got this recipe from a farm, which is located on the "Swabian Alb" in South West Germany. Thank You to Mrs Pfleiderer for this good recipe

First, we start with a good, not too dry yeast dough. The yeast dough is made from 600 grams of Wheat flour, one package of dry yeast (see instructions on the package), 4 eggs, 150 gram melted butter, 1 pinch of salt, 1 pinch of sugar and so much lukewarm milk, that you get a not to soft, elastic dough. Beat dough until it gets "bubbles". Dough should not be sticky.

Place your dough on a warm place, cover it with foil - otherwise your dough gets dry on top and he will look and tastes like as soil from a desert.

For the filling,  you should have prepared one Kilo Onions, sliced in not to small pieces. Put the onions   in a big pot, add one-tablespoon lard or oil and fry it until it start changing the colour to "glassy". Don't cover the pot with a lid, otherwise you'll get onion soup instead of onion cake. Add now one tablespoon caraway seeds  (not grounded caraway seeds, looks ugly and looses aroma!) and 400-gram bacon,  sliced in not to small stripes. Use carefully salt, depends how "salty" your bacon is. Stir a few times and let cool down the onions until they are  just lukewarm. Now add to the onions a mixture,  made from 400 ml sour cream and 3 whole eggs -of course, without shells.

Your dough doubled?  Good. Place dough on a baking pan, press  evenly on bottom and side and now place your onion filling on it. 

It's time for the (preheated) oven now! Bake your cake for one hour at 160 Celsius (325 F). Take care, that your cake stays golden brown. Maybe you have to cover it after 45 minutes. Now, your cake should look like  a piece from paradise and smell like heaven. (You will smell like hell if you eat too much at one time) Enjoy   and digg in !!!


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