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Austrian cuisine, together with that of France, is acknowledged as the most celebrated. It embraces all the influences of the former Danuve Monarchy. This, beside the old Austrian recipes, there are those of Bohemian, Hungarian and Italian orign. In the Western provinces Bavarian and Allemanic influence is also found. But Austrian chefs and cooks have managed to impart a typically Austrian nuance to all the dishes they have taken over. Anybody who has once visited Austria, wherever in the world he may come across an Apfelstrudel or Wiener Schnitzel on the menu, will immediately asssociate this with Austria.

Our dining card includes only meals cooked from original historic recipes from Austria, Europe. Some of those recipes was written down by hand from my grandmother, Mrs. Maria Backer in 1904 and earlier.
In our restaurant you never will find industrial prepared food, our device is: We cook fresh. Every meal we serve is carefully cooked from scratch in our kitchen, especially for you, our valued customer.

Please enjoy in our place:

And there is some more, not listet here. Figure it out

Allergies, Dislikes?
We are proud to offer almost every item from our menu in a
gluten free and/or dairy free version. Please tell server. We offer gluten free desserts too.

Vegetarian? Yes, we serve vegetarian dishes too
Will give us a headache. But we can help
Nuts allergie? You are safe, the only "nut" in the kitchen is the chef

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